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Designed for the advanced Bullet and Cartridge collector, BulletFile lets you record everything that you need to organize your collection. Store all the dimensions and characteristics of each item, Mason and McKee or Thomas and Thomas identification numbers, two photographs of each item, detailed information about the purchase or recovery location and information about the increase in value of the item. The User-friendly interface was designed by a collector, for collectors, and makes organizing your collection a snap.

Designed for Civil War Bullet Collectors, BulletFile is flexible enough to be the perfect software package for any serious bullet or cartridge collector, regardless of the time period and types of bullets and cartridges collected.

Three panels of information allow you to record everything that you need to properly classify your items, including:

  • Dimensions, Caliber and Weight
  • Cartridge type
  • Loading type
  • Firearm type
  • Ignition type
  • Number of grooves or rings
  • Base and Cavity styles
Adding and editing items is simple thanks to the intuitive interface. Several important categories have "pulldown" boxes, providing you with the most common subcategories for that item. If the right subcategory doesn't exist you can add it yourself, making it available for all future item entries.

Main Info Screen
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Photo Screen
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Purchase Info Screen
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BulletFile also lets you add the details about your favorite relic dealers, complete with address and contact information, website and e-mail addresses.

BulletFile's comprehensive Report Center lets you print hard-copy reports for your files, or to take to the next show. Avoid duplicating purchases by having a record of your collection with you the next time you are buying new items. All of the reports are completely searchable, just click on the binocular icon at the top of any form and you can search by word or phrase.

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Sample Reports:

Bullets sorted by Category
Bullet Details
Increase in Value of Bullets

BulletFile can be used with our basic relic collecting software Relicfile to easily e-mail all your information to your insurance agent.
A single click and you collection is safely stored at your agent's office.
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how easy it is to enter your items into

BulletFile is designed Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT and 2000 operating systems only.

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